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UltraViewer Beta 5.1.1 - fixed some issues

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Youssef - 3/29/2017 3:49:57 PM

is their any feature to enable , to show notification to user when remote support other PC

Hennie Smit - 8/29/2018 1:53:23 PM

Out off memory line 4 windows XP

Biff Thomas - 11/6/2018 1:41:14 AM

It is a huge drawback that we cannot cut and paste between remote and home. Are you working on fixing this?

Lazaros - 6/7/2021 3:59:47 AM

100% agree

chong - 5/10/2019 11:08:34 AM

connection time out happened frequently which remote accessing

Muhammad Asif Khan - 6/1/2019 6:06:56 PM

can we transfer files from one pc to other?
and time out message is blocking.

ZarniYeHtut - 6/22/2019 1:39:12 PM

Hello Sir please help me.I want to use Ultra Viewer but i have an isshe.How can solve it.
"frmSysTray_Subclass:Object reference not set to an instance of an object'' Please help me how can fix it.Thanks

Nurul - 3/18/2020 10:52:18 AM

Hi, Can we listen the audio from remote pc using ultraviewer because I cannot listen the MP3 file in the remote PC from my laptop. Is there any ways to solve this issue? Thank you.

Florence - 3/25/2020 10:14:21 AM

How can I turn on my keyboard in ultraviwer?

Jason - 10/17/2020 1:40:34 AM

Audio. I need to be able to hear remote audio in order for this to be a useful product to me - otherwise love how easy it is to install and use. Thank you.

Shafrihan - 7/20/2021 10:18:40 AM

Why cannot use paste special at Mic Excel ad Works while using UV 6.2?

Shafrihan - 7/20/2021 10:20:06 AM

sorry, its mic excel and words


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